Clara (The Nutcracker) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Clara’s Costume from The Nutcracker

Clara’s dreamy costume can be easily recreated with many everyday pieces. Simply cop a pink dress with long sleeves. Wear a matching pair of tights and ballet flats with the dress. Style the hair in a pony tail, too. Finish the costume by carrying a Nutcracker doll.

Get these pieces below to look like Clara in The Nutcracker:

Clara The Nutcracker Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Dress Cop a light pink dress with tulle or pleated skirt.
2 Pink tights Wear pink tights underneath the dress.
3 Ballet Flats Slip on a pink pair of flats.
4 Nutcracker Toy Carry a Nutcracker toy.
5 Nightgown another option is wearing this nightgown
6 Kids Costume or get this costume for your little girl

About Clara

Clara is one of the characters in the ballet show The Nutcracker. It follows the story of the toys of the Stahlbaum family on Christmas Eve. Clara and her siblings were gifted toys for Christmas and she takes a liking to a Nutcracker.

At night their toys came alive and goes about their business versus the mice. The ballet saw success across many companies in the world and became a classic that inspired many other shows and even films.