Detective James Carter & Soo Yung Han's Costume from Rush Hour for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Detective James Carter and Soo Yung Han’s Costume from Rush Hour

For Soo Yung Costume

Soo Yung Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Jacket Rock the schoolgirl look with a blazer.
2 White Shirt Get a collared shirt underneath.
3 Necktie Then, add a necktie to the costume.
4 Skirt Nail the schoolgirl aesthetic with a pleated skirt.
6 Socks Add a pair of slouch socks, too.
6 Red Sneakers Be sure to wear red sneakers.
7 Vest Get a vest to act as the bomb vest.
8 Toy Bomb Add a toy bomb to the vest to complete the explosive look.

For Detective Carter Costume

Detective Carter Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Button-down Shirt Start the out fit with a white shirt.
2 Black Pants Wear a pair of black pants.
3 Suspenders Add suspenders to the costume, too.
4 Gun Holster You can also strap a holster or harness to the costume.
5 Black Shoes Complete the look with these shoes.
6 Toy Gun Bring a toy gun as prop.

This duo costume can be recreated easily! For the detective side, pull out your choice white shirt and black pants and style with a combo of suspenders and gun holsters. Meanwhile, Soo Yung’s outfit can be done with a white shirt under a blazer and skater skirt. Wear slouch socks with red sneakers. Complete her costume with a toy bomb vest.

About Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a film franchise that stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. The films follows Chan (character named Lee) as a detective who works with Tucker (character named Carter). Together, they try to save the kidnapped diplomat’s daughter Soo Yung Han. An iconic scene is presented towards the end of the film where Carter holds Soo Yung with the child wearing a bomb vest.

The story revolves around the kidnapping of the daughter of Han, a prominent Chinese diplomat. When the kidnapped girl is taken to Los Angeles, Lee is assigned to assist with the case. However, due to political pressure, he is teamed up with Carter, a wisecracking LAPD detective.

Lee and Carter must overcome their initial differences and work together to rescue Han’s daughter and bring down a dangerous criminal organization. Along the way, they encounter thrilling action sequences and engage in humorous banter that adds comedic relief to the intense situations they find themselves in.

As they dig deeper into the case, Lee and Carter uncover a complex conspiracy involving corrupt cops, international smuggling, and personal vendettas. Their unconventional partnership grows stronger as they overcome numerous obstacles in their quest to solve the case before it’s too late.

“Rush Hour” became a box office success due to its dynamic combination of martial arts action and humor. It received positive reviews for the chemistry between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, who brought their unique styles of comedy to the screen.

The success of “Rush Hour” led to two sequels: “Rush Hour 2” (2001) and “Rush Hour 3” (2007). Both films continued the formula of blending action-packed fight scenes with humor while further developing the relationship between Lee and Carter.

Overall, “Rush Hour” is known for its entertaining blend of action, comedy, and buddy cop dynamics that captivated audiences worldwide.