Eddie (Rocky Horror Picture Show) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Eddie’s Costume from Rocky Horror Picture Show

Here are some of the items you can order online to rock Eddie’s costume!

Eddie Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Shirt Kick off the costume with this shirt.
2 Black Vest Top the shirt with this vest with rivets and buttons.
3 Ripped Jeans Nail the rocker vibe with this pair of distressed denim jeans.
4 Belt Style the pants with a belt, too.
5 Boot Cover Wear this boot cover over your shoes to recreate a boot silhouette.
6 Black Wig You can also add this wig to the costume.
7 Fake Wounds Get these fake wounds across your face.
8 Toy Saxophone You can also use this toy saxophone to complete the outfit.

True to the title, rock Eddie’s look from the Rocky Horror Picture Show by starting with a black shirt and black vest. Then you can continue with a pair of distressed denim that you can style with a black belt.

You can also cop a pair of boots to match the edgy costume. Wear a black wig and add fake wounds across the forehead, too. You may carry a toy saxophone for an additional fun element to the look.

About Eddie

Eddie is a character from the cinematic and theatric title Rocky Horror Picture Show. He was killed by Frank-N-Furter after being kidnapped.

His girlfriend is Columbia who may have been the reason why Frank decided to kill him. Columbia was a groupie who left Frank for Eddie. He is also a partial brain donor to Rocky. Along with Columbia, they are the only two humans in the castle.