Anna & Tess (Freaky Friday) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Anna Costume

Anna Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Gray Crewneck Shirt Begin with your suddenly mature attire with this gray crewneck shirt.
2 Two Piece Long Sleeve Business Suit Skirt Set Transform into an office lady with this two-piece long-sleeve business suit and skirt.
3 Black High Heels Office Shoes Learn to walk with the other corporate workers with these black high-heeled office shoes.
4 Pearl Choker Necklace Add some old-fashioned accessories with this pearl choker necklace.
5 Black Leather Laptop Tote Bag Carry more workload and responsibilities by bringing along this leather black laptop tote bag.

How to Make Tess Costume

Tess Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Denim Cropped Jacket Commence your unexpected journey back to adolescence by putting on this blue cropped denim jacket.
2 Red Plaid Punk Goth Skirt Match your roguish top with this red plaid punk goth skirt.
3 Black Knee High Punk Boots Go deeper into your newly rebellious persona by choosing these knee-high black punk boots.
4 Black Leather Punk Choker Highlight your rocker vibe with this leather black punk choker.
5 Red Inflatable Electric Guitar Express yourself without fear with this inflatable red electric guitar.

Anna and Tess Coleman are the main characters in the 2003 Walt Disney Picture’s fantasy comedy movie Freaky Friday. They are the constantly feuding daughter and mother who suddenly and inexplicably switched bodies and are forced to live each other’s lives for a couple of hours in order to fulfill the other’s important obligations. Anna is the 15-year old punk rock band guitarist rebellious daughter, while Tess is the overworked writer/psychologist strict single mother to Anna and her younger brother.

Anna and Tess had their “wish” to switch places come true. They wear a gray crewneck shirt, a two-piece long-sleeve business suit and skirt, black high-heeled office shoes, and a pearl choker necklace for Anna; and a blue cropped denim jacket, a red plaid punk goth skirt, knee-high black punk boots, and a leather black punk choker for Tess.

About Anna and Tess

“Freaky Friday” is a classic story that has been adapted into several movies and stage productions. The story revolves around the magical switch between a mother and her teenage daughter, resulting in hilarious and often chaotic consequences.

The original “Freaky Friday” novel was written by Mary Rodgers and was first published in 1972. It tells the tale of Annabel Andrews, a rebellious teenager who wishes to be in her mother’s shoes so she can have more independence. Through an enchanted fortune cookie, Annabel and her mother Ellen magically switch bodies for one eventful day.

The book’s success led to the creation of various film adaptations. The first film adaptation was released in 1976, starring Barbara Harris as the mother and Jodie Foster as the daughter. The movie added a comedic touch to the story, further emphasizing the generation gap between parent and child.

In 2003, another popular film adaptation of “Freaky Friday” was released, starring Jamie Lee Curtis as the mother, Tess Coleman, and Lindsay Lohan as her daughter, Anna Coleman. The updated version modernized the story while still maintaining its humorous elements. This adaptation explored themes of understanding, empathy, and appreciating each other’s perspectives.

The concept of body switching allows both characters to gain insights into each other’s lives from different vantage points. They experience firsthand the challenges of balancing school life, work responsibilities, relationships, and personal anxieties that come with being a teenager or an adult.

“Freaky Friday” has resonated with audiences of all ages because it tackles universal themes like self-discovery, family dynamics, communication issues between generations, and finding common ground despite differences. It also sheds light on the notion that appearances can be deceiving and encourages empathy towards others’ experiences.

Beyond gender stereotypes or generational conflicts portrayed within “Freaky Friday,” it ultimately emphasizes the importance of listening to one another’s perspectives rather than dismissing them without understanding. It teaches valuable lessons about the complexity of relationships and the significance of empathy in creating stronger bonds within families.

The enduring popularity of “Freaky Friday” can be attributed to its relatability, humor, and heartfelt moments. The story reminds us that despite our differences, we all share a mutual desire for connection and understanding. Whether one enjoys the original novel or prefers one of the film adaptations, “Freaky Friday” continues to charm audiences with its entertaining and heartwarming storyline.

Anna Coleman was portrayed by Lindsay Lohan. Lohan is also known for her roles in The Parent Trap, Mean Girls, I Know Who Killed Me, and Herbie Fully Loaded.

Tess Coleman was portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis. Lee Curtis is also known for her roles in True Lies, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, Everything Everywhere All at Once, and The Heidi Chronicles.

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