Janet & Brad (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Janet and Brad’s Costume from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Janet Weiss Costume

Janet Weiss Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Dress Start the costume with this pink dress.
2 Cardigan Then be sure to add a layer of a white cardigan.
3 White Shoes Match the cardigan with a pair of white shoes, too.
4 Bag Then carry this cute bag.
5 Curly Wig Complete the look with a brown curly wig to top the outfit.

Brad Majors Costume

Brad Majors Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Button-Down Kick off Brad’s look with this blue shirt.
2 Navy Vest You can also top it off with a vest.
3 Brown Jacket Keep the layers coming with this jacket.
4 Grey Pants Thrown in a pair of grey pants to complete the smart casual look.
5 Shoes You can also wear your choice of formal shoes.
6 Eye Glasses Nail Brad’s look with these pair of glasses, too.

Janet and Brad are both known to have been invited by Frank-n-Furter to witness their ‘creation’. On a trip, their car broke and they took shelter in a castle and they can be seen wearing their outfits featuring a pink dress and white cardigan on Janet. On the other hand, Brad wears a smart casual look that includes layers of a shirt, vest, and brown jacket paired with grey pants.

About Janet and Brad

Janet and Brad are characters from the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The films is known for its comedy-horror genre and it was also a musical.
In the original story, Brad confessed his love for Janet when they both attended the wedding of a friend. Later on, they drove far to meet their friend Dr. Everett V. Scott but unfortunately, their car broke down. They sought shelter in a nearby castle where they met Frank-N-Furter who was eager to show them their creation.