Madea Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Madea Costume

Madea Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Fat Suit Wear a fat suit to instantly gain the girth that Madea has.
2 Purple Dress A modest purple dress makes Madea look innocent.
3 Black Love Flats Look extra unassuming with a pair of black flats.
4 Grey Curly Wig Madea’s curly hair is all grey due to her advancing age.
5 Square Glasses Make sure to wear square glasses like Madea.
6 Nude Socks Keep everything modest with a pair of nude socks.
7 Black Handbag Bring along your black handbag like a sweet, innocent old lady.
8 Black Pistol Prop Don’t forget to arm yourself with Madea’s favorite pistol.

Madea Simmons is one of the sketch characters of Tyler Perry, and arguably his most famous one with a number of different films. She is well-known for killing her husbands. Though her story is portrayed as a comedy, it does touch on serious themes that deliver moral messages.

Madea is a tough African-American woman, despite her modest outfits. She wears a purple dress, black flats, and grey glasses while bringing along a black handbag and pistol.

About Madea

Madea was portrayed by Tyler Perry in the numerous plays and films featuring the character. Perry is also known for his roles in House of Payne, Gone Girl, Star Trek, and Alex Cross.

Madea first appeared in the 1998 play I Know I’ve Been Changed. The 2019 play Madea’s Farewell is the final stage play to feature the titular character.

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