Otto Mann's Costume from The Simpsons for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Otto Mann’s Costume from The Simpsons

Otto Mann Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Bodypaint Add a layer of yellow paint on your body.
2 Pink Shirt Once the paint is dry, wear a pink shirt.
3 Shorts Get a pair of blue shorts.
4 Peach Shoes Wear shoes in the color peach, too.
5 Walkman Carry a blue walkman player.
6 Headphone Then, be sure to add headphones to the walkman.
7 Long Wig Get a curly wig for this costume.
8 Peach Cap Match the hat with your shoes.
9 Bracelet Complete the costume with this beaded bracelet.

Otto Mann dreams of having his own band and music career. Contrary to the typical dark rock start color palette, Otto’s outfit features a light-colored scheme. He has a pink top and blue shorts styled with a peach cap and pair of shoes. Complete his look with a curly wig, a Walkman, and headphones.

About Otto Mann

Otto Mann is a charcter from the animated show The Simpsons. He is known as a cool, chain-smoking bus driver. Otto is also an obsessive driver with a penchant for heavy metal music and the 1980s junkie lifestyle. He is friends with Bart despite their age difference. As the driver, he often get the school bus into one trouble after another.