Carl Grimes (The Walking Dead) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Carl Grimes Costume

Carl Grimes Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Gray Undershirt Having many layers does have its advantages when you’re running for your life. Carl’s undershirt alone is perfect for warmer weathers and it’s a good extra layer for when nights get cold.
2 Light Gray Plaid Shirt Ever since he was a kid in Season 1, we’ve seen Carl wearing plaid shirts. It’s a bit nostalgic and heartwarming to see that he still has this outfit preference despite everything that has happened to him.
3 Regular Fit Blue Denim Jeans When he needs to back his dad up and keep the others safe, wearing a nice fitting pair of denim jeans is a good and comfortable outfit for combat.
4 Olive Green Combat Boots When he has combat boots on, you know its game time. Carl makes a great choice by choosing boots to wear as these give great protection from the uneven terrain and the cool wind that blows during the evening.
5 Thigh Gun Holster Having too many weapons isn’t a bad thing when you live in a post-apocalyptic world. So, Carl’s gun holster is a great way for him to have an extra weapon holder (in case of an emergency).
6 Black Airsoft Rifle A great gun for an awesome kid. This may look daunting, and on other kids, it may look downright terrifying. But Carl is very adept with weapons so having a rifle is no biggy for him.
7 Sherriff’s Hat Carl loves his dad’s hat. It may be more sentimental than functional, reminding him of a time where everything was normal and okay.
8 Pudding Can Lunch Tote Optional

We first see Carl as a shy and scared young boy that everyone tries the hardest to protect. Now, our cute youngster is all grown up and ready to join the adults in ensuring everyone’s safety. He may not have had the ideal childhood, considering the world just ended; but Carl’s style surprisingly stayed the same throughout the years.

Carl Grimes can be seen wearing undershirts, flannels, and jeans. He also loves donning on his dad’s deputy sheriff hat (probably as a reminder of the times before the apocalypse?). Here’s everything you need to look like Carl Grimes.

About Carl Grimes

Carl Grimes is one of the few original characters still alive in The Walking Dead, and he is the longest living minor. His story may have a connection with his name, though. Carl is a derivative of the name ‘Charles’ whose meaning in its Germanic origins can be translated as ‘warrior’. Charles also means ‘man.’

It can be deduced that Carl started out as a kid on the show and is now becoming a man whose skills and outlooks in life make him a great warrior and survivor.