Merle Dixon (The Walking Dead) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Merle Dixon Costume

Merle Dixon Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Plain White Tank Top Merle wears a plain white tank top that has seen better days. It looks very worn down and yellowing in color that it might have been in his possession for quite some time even before the apocalypse happened
2 Light Brown Cargo Pants As a previous drug dealer, cargo pants are a necessity for Merle. Its many compartments can easily store his stash. Now, it is still a great garment for when he needs to store more weapons, supplies, and ammunition.
3 Brown Leather Belt Merle’s outfit is more utilitarian than stylish and his belt is no exception. His brown leather belt is great for keeping his pants from falling off. It can also double as a great place to secure different kinds of supplies
4 Brown Lace Up Combat Boots Combat boots are great footwear for when you need to keep moving. In the world he lives in, Merle is constantly on the run to survive and his boots offer comfort and protection to his feet
5 Knife Hand Merle is the first character in the series to receive an amputation and he shows that being injured doesn’t necessarily equate to having a weakness. He fashions himself a special weapon. A deadly knife designed to be attachable to his stump makes it easier for him to kill walkers
6 Khaki Short Sleeve Work Shirt Merle also wears a worn down & dirty Khaki work shirt

Merle’s personality is far from lovable. He was misogynistic, volatile, and a racist. His decisions and opinions rarely sat well with the other survivors so there weren’t very good reasons to like this character. But his unwavering love for his brother is what ultimately leads him to the path of redemption.

Merle isn’t one for dressing up, so it’s more than easy to dress like him. Here’s everything you need to look like Merle Dixon.

About Merle Dixon

As one of the more violent characters in the Walking Dead, Merle Dixon can be seen a lot during the bloodier and more action-packed scenes. But what not a lot of people know is that the infamous rooftop scene where Merle began shooting off caused real-life panic.

Some people were not informed that the crew of The Walking Dead was filming and phoned the police. The chaos that ensued caused a SWAT team to go to the area. Fortunately, the problem was resolved with no one getting hurt and arrested.