The Governor (The Walking Dead) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make The Governor costume

The Governor Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Button Down Shirt Simple yet fashionable, The Governor’s black button-down shirt looks a bit out of place in the time-worn norm that survivors usually wear.
2 Black Collarless Long Coat The Governor’s collarless long coat is simply divine. The dark color and design of it exude power that can be intimidating when encountered. It also provides The Governor much-needed warmth when the evenings get cooler
3 Black Relaxed Fit Jeans Jeans are a necessity in The Governor’s post-apocalyptic world. He needs to move around a lot, both for killing walkers and leading his group
4 Thick Brown Leather Belt This brown leather belt serves two purposes. It ensures that The Governor’s clothes fit snuggly and it also holds the waistband holster for The Governor’s hidden pistol
5 Brown Leather Boots Boots may be the norm when it comes to footwear in the post-apocalyptic society The Governor lives in, but he takes it up a notch by having his in brown leather. Made for warmth and style, this pair of boots offers some good protection for his feet
6 Black Eye Patch Having an injury doesn’t mean you need to look unpresentable. The Governor’s eye patch doubles as a good cover for his eye injury and a stylish signature look
7 Brown Waistband Holster Leaving in a dangerous world, The Governor must always be vigilant and he does so by keeping his weapons handy. A hidden waistband holster makes good storage for a small gun that can surprise even the fastest of the reanimated
8 Silver Pistol Among the many weapons, The Governor can yield is a classic silver pistol that is both handy and effective
9 Steyr AUG A2 Airsoft Rifle optional

The Governor is ruthless, power hungry, and intelligent; the best combination to make a very powerful antagonist. His skills and charisma made his ascension to leadership easy. Amidst all the politics and insanity he spouts, one silver lining is that The Governor did know how to love. In his violent and sick ways, he cared about the other survivors and his daughter.

One of the best-dressed antagonists in the series, The Governor wears a dark-colored ensemble that perfectly mimics his personality. Here is everything you need to look like The Governor.

About The Governor

The complex character of The Governor made him a very hard character to cast but the producers of the TV series adaptation of the Walking Dead made the right call in casting David Morrissey. He was so dedicated in his portrayal that he did extensive research on his character.

He was cited saying he read the book, ‘Rise of The Governor,’ to review his characterization. He also said that the noticeable southern accent that The Governor speaks with is inspired by Bill Clinton.