Vecna (Stranger Things) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Vecna’s Costume from Stranger Things

Vecna Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Costume Set You can wear Vecna’s scary skin with this set that comes with the “flower” shaped head.
2 Mask You can also alternate the head with this Vecna mask that fits the contour of the head.
3 Liquid Latex Add a DIY spin to the rest of the body by using this liquid latex in textures similar to Vecna’s veins and exposed muscles.
4 SFX kit The latex dries clear of color so be sure to use this kit to add the color of flesh and blood to it.
5 Articulate Fingers Add a layer of latex and paint over these fingers to resemble Vecna’s long fingers, too.

Vecna’s costume can be a great hit to your next Halloween or Stranger Things-themed party! You can order a full monster bodysuit which is typically available with the flower-shaped monster head. Replace the flower head with another Vecna-inspired mask that covers the full head, too. Use liquid latex and a DIY Flesh kit to add texture to the rest of his body.

About Vecna

Vecna is a character from the Netflix Series Stranger Things. He is the main villain from the show’s fourth season. He is described as a creature that is aligned with the Upside Down. His human form is called Henry Creel who later on discovers he has psychokinesis and he can manipulate the feelings of others. He is also 001.