Sheriff Woody (Toy Story) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Sheriff Woody Costume

Sheriff Woody Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Button-Down Shirt Woody has a very distinct yellow button-down from the movie.
2 Cow-Patterned Vest Woody wears a cow-patterned vest in the movie and this one is a great substitute.
3 Denim Pants Casual and functional, Woody prefers a pair of denim pants.
4 Brown Cowboy Boots Woody’s Southern heritage is so apparent with his brown cowboy boots.
5 Sheriff Accessories Use these sheriff accessories to style your Woody outfit.
6 Woody Kids Costume Set Turn your kid into Woody with this costume set.
7 Costume Set Get everything you need with this costume set.

Woody is a born leader. He’s not fearless and he actually has a lot of doubts about himself and the world in general. But that doesn’t stop him from acting on things that will keep his family and friends safe and together. He is a very loyal toy and is also very intelligent. He’s the usual mastermind behind the toys’ plans.

Woody looks like a vintage sheriff through and through (except he wears brighter colors). He has on a yellow long-sleeved top, denim pants, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and his shiny sheriff badge. Here’s everything you need to look like Sheriff Woody.

About Sheriff Woody Pride

Sheriff Woody is voiced by well-known actor Tom Hanks. Hanks has starred in many beloved films like Forrest Gump, Ghostbusters, Sleepless in Seattle, and many more.

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