Princess Poppy (Trolls) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Princess Poppy’s Costume from Trolls

Steal the look of Princess Poppy with these costume pieces below:

Princess Poppy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Body Paint Start with a pink body and face paint, let dry.
2 Blue Dress Wear a blue sleeveless dress.
3 White Floral Applique Iron on these floral patches at the hem.
4 Pink Wig Complete the outfit with this pink updo with floral headband.
5 Poppy Set Get this Princess Poppy costume set for a one-stop package.
6 Full Costume full costume for girls

Princess Poppy’s costume stands out thanks to her pink skin. To cop her signature pink hue, wear pink body and face paint. Let it dry before wearing a sleeveless blue dress. Decorate the dress with white floral patches or appliques at the hem. To complete Poppy’s look, wear a pink wig in an updo styled with a floral headband.

About Princess Poppy

Princess Poppy, later on Queen Poppy, is a female character in the animated film Trolls. She is described as an upbeat lively lady who is the daughter of King Peppy. Her family saved Trolls from Bergens.

She is used to solving her small problems with songs but for in the film, she was faced with the first difficulty she can not solve with a song. She dates Branch, a troll who used to have no color, who is described as her polar opposite in terms of personality.