DJ Suki (Trolls) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make DJ Suki’s Costume from Trolls

Here are pieces you can cop to dress like DJ Suki:

Dj Suki Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Body Paint Apply a layer of pink paint all over the body.
2 Cropped Top For your top, you can get this colorblocked one.
3 Shorts Wear a pair of white shorts to match the top.
4 Purple Crystal Stick one piece of this crystal to your bellybutton, too.
5 Orange Wig Add more color to the look with this wig.
6 Headphones Complete the DJ look with these headphones.
7 Bangles Add these party bangles to your outfit.
8 Blue Makeup Use blue make-up on the nose area to nail the costume!

DJ Suki’s costume is indeed a head-turner. Be the life of the party by bringing the beat on starting with pink skin (face and body paint). You may also wear a cropped top and pair of white shorts. Then style the costume with an orange wig topped with a head set. Complete the costume with colorful bangles.

About DJ Suki

DJ Suki is a character from the animated film franchise Trolls. She is described as Troll town’s resident mash-up expert. She is also known to drop needle-scratch noises on awkward moments. She plays upbeat and up-tempo music. She can be relied on to create nice beats for an on-the-spot musical segment. Her DJ equipment is also composd of natural elements such as crickets, bugs, and others!