Macho Man Randy Savage Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Macho Man Randy Savage’s Costume from WWE

Randy Savage Macho Man Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red shiny top Start with this red shiny top.
2 Gold Vest Add a gold accent with this sequined vest.
3 Red Leather Pants Wear a pair of red pants.
4 Yellow Leopard Print Attach a yellow printed cloth over one leg to decorate the pants.
5 Black Ribbon Cut long pieces of black ribbon and attach one end to the sleeves
6 Yellow Ribbon Alternate the black ribbon with a yellow set.
7 Yellow Boots For the footwear,be sure to wear yellow boots.
8 Red hat Top the look with a red cowboy style hat.
9 Fake Facial Hair Wear this set of fake facial hair, too.
10 Midlength wig Wear this brown wig.
11 Sunnies Then wear this pair of sun glasses.
12 Full Costume Cop this compplete Randy Savage costume.

During the 80s, wrestling was not only about the fighting, but also about who could pull off the craziest outfit. Bright colors, leather, animal prints, feathers, and sequins where not out of question when referring to a wrestler’s costume.

Macho Man was one of the most prominent wrestlers with the craziest style back in the day. He wore lots of bright colored leathers, cowboy hats, and two-piece matching outfits that were bright enough to burn your eyes.

Macho Man Randy Savage’s costume includess a tight red and yellow long sleeved top with a golden vest and paired with shiny pants. The pants could be red and simply add a printed layer on one leg. Decorate the sleeves with black and yellow ribbons. Finsih the costume with a red fedora hat, a set of fake beard, brown wig, and sun glasses.

Rock Randy Savage’s fun wrestler costume with these pieces below:

About Randy Savage

Randy Savage was a professional wrestler. His real name is Randall Mario Poffo but he was better known for his nicknames such as Randy Savage, Macho Man, The Spider, The Big Geno, Mr. Madness, Destroyer, Executioner.

He also had a small stint with playing minor league baseball when he was younger before becominga pro wrestler. In 1995, he won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship by winning in the first 60-man three-ring battle royal.

Macho Man was a big wrestler back in the 80s. He is also known by his real name Randy Savage, and besides being a professional wrestler, he was also a color commentator. During his wrestling years he won 29 titles and amassed a huge following and fan base. After his death he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015.