Adventure Time's Finn the Human Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Finn the Human (Adventure Time) Costume

Finn The Human Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue T-Shirt “This is simple, you just need to look for a simple T-shirt with the similar tone to what Finn wears.”
2 Denim Shorts “Any plain designed denim shorts would be perfect.”
3 White Socks “Finn always has rolled-down white socks on, so make sure that you roll down your own white socks as well.”
4 Black Slippers “From Finn’s picture, we can’t see much of his shoes’ detail except its color, so it’s safe to go with something comfortable like slippers.”
5 Green Backpack “Search a for a backpack in lime-green color if possible, or regular green is doable too.”
6 White Two-Ears Hat “This item is a crucial part of the look. You can search for the replica ones in the market that looks similar to the original the most.”
7 Golden Toy Sword “This item is optional, however it shows Finn’s favorite weapon, Scarlet, the Golden Sword.”

For Finn’s signature look, his two-ears hat is arguably the most important item of all. Finn always wears a blue T-shirt with denim shorts and rolled-down white socks with a pair of black shoes, and most importantly, he has a two-ears white hat on. Finn also carries a two-colored lime green backpack. For an optional item, you can carry a golden sword as well. Here’s the list of what you need to recreate Finn’s style.

About Finn the Human

Finn the Human or Finn Campbell Mertens, played by a voice actor Jeremy Shada, is the main protagonist in the very popular fantasy-adventure animated TV seriesAdventure Time from Cartoon Network, which tells the story of him as he explores the Land of Ooo and overcomes the evil forces.

Having his best friend and adoptive brother Jake by his side, Finn travels through the Land of Ooo battling the evil threats and saving innocent people. Finn is known as the last human on the land that full of magical creatures. At young age, Finn was adopted by Jake’s parents, who are magical dogs, when he was wandering around the woods by himself. Despite his hot-headed trait, Finn is a very kind, selfless, and brave person. Therefore, Finn is recognized by everyone on the Land of Ooo for his good deed.

Image Credit: Pinterest