Become Jake the Dog from Adventure Time Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Jake the Dog costume from Adventure Time

Jake The Dog Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Mask “This is a hilarious and awesome costume where it replicates the oval shape and other details of Jake the Dog. It will give you and your friends a good time.”
2 Costume for Children “Jake the Dog’s costume is made for kids as well. Though this comes in quite different shape, it still nails Jake’s signature features.”
3 Pajama Costume for Adults “If the full option costume is too much, you can look for something more subtle like the pajama outfit in Jake the Dog’s style where you can wear it as a costume or a cool regular pajama.”
4 Yellow Gloves “Some of the costumes reveal your hand, make sure you cover them in a regular pair of yellow gloves that match with the outfit.”
5 Glasses “Look for a fun Jake the Dog costume glasses to wear them with your regular outfit for fun, or even better with your complete Jake’s look.”
6 Character Knit Hat “Again, if you don’t feel like fully dress yourself, get the character hat instead, it could give you a nice look with or without a costume.”
7 Funko POP! Vinyl Jake Figure “Get Jake the Dog’s action figure to lighten up the mood in your rooms!”

Jake, unlike many characters, doesn’t own the outfit or wear any outfits for that matter. However his body is his signature in itself. The audience tend to recognize from his oval body shape, as well as his yellow skin color. To recreate his look, you can just buy a finished costume that looks like a big and round yellow suit or you can wear all-yellow outfit with something that signify or refer to Jake. You can check out some cool ideas down below.

About Jake the Dog

Jake the Dog, played by a voice actor John DiMaggio, is a second main character after Finn in a well-received popular fantasy-adventure animated TV series Adventure Time from Cartoon Network channel, which tells the story of a teenage human named Finn, with his best friend Jake, who explore the Land of Ooo and battle the evil forces.

Jake is Finn’s, the protagonist, best friend and adoptive brother because his parents adopt Finn as they see him wandering around the jungle. Other characters often call Jake “magical dog” mainly because Jake’s ability called “Stretchy Powers” which allows him to change the shape of his body like a shape-shifting power. Beside using his ability to fight crimes along side Finn, Jake’s favorite hobby is singing and dancing. For his personality, Jake’s considered to be an easy person and carefree.

Image Credit: Imgur