Uncle Larry Grandpa Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Uncle Grandpa Costume

Uncle Grandpa Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Cream Shirt Wear a clean, cream button-down polo shirt to start your outfit.
2 Grey Shorts Pair your shirt with a pair of grey shorts.
3 Rainbow Suspenders Add color to your life with rainbow suspenders.
4 Brown Shoes Get comfy with a pair of brown shoes.
5 White Crew Socks with Green Detail Keep your feet warm with a pair of white crew socks.
6 Red Fanny Pack Uncle Grandpa keeps everything he needs in his red fanny pack.
7 Blue Propeller Hat Accessorize with a blue propeller hat.
8 Fake Ginger Mustache Channel your inner Uncle Grandpa with this fake mustache.
9 White Gloves Keep your hands warm with a pair of white gloves.

Think of a weird fairy godmother-esque character, and you would probably be lead to Uncle Grandpa. He is everyone’s uncle and grandpa where he’s from. This cheery old man loves helping those around him, especially kids.

Uncle Grandpa’s look is a mix of old-school and childish. He wears a cream button-down polo, grey shorts, white crew socks, brown shoes, rainbow suspenders, and a blue propeller hat. Also, he brings around a red fanny pack. Here’s everything you need to look like Uncle Grandpa.

About Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa was voiced by Peter Browngardt. He is also the writer and known as a Producer of Steven Universe.

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