Amy Winehouse Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Amy Winehouse Costume

Amy Winehouse Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Tank top, white A simple white tank top is a staple piece for any wardrobe. It also helps make the other parts of the outfit and accessories pop.
2 Bra, black, lace In her iconic look, Amy wears the white tank top with a black lace bra under it so that the lace can be seen peeking out from her shirt. The effect is both pretty and sexy at the same time.
3 Shorts, denim On her lower half, Amy wears simple but versatile denim shorts. These paired with the rest of the outfit create a very sexy summer look.
4 Sandals, red These faded red sandals add to the vintage vibes of the costume and add some color to the look.
5 Earrings, hoops These large gold hoops add a lot of personality and character to the costume. Amy often wore similar earrings.
6 Wig, black Amy’s hair is one of her biggest and most signature features people know her for. This wig does a good job at giving look for the costume.
7 Temporary tattoos These temporary tattoos are replicas of Amy’s own tattoos. To look more like her, applying these tattoos is a nice extra option.

Amy Winehouse is considered a style icon for her vintage almost rockabilly style. Her most signature features were her largely winged eyeliner and also her very teased black hair.

She wore many different outfits, but the one many people think of her signature outfit as is a white tank top with a black bra peeking over the top, low sitting blue shorts, large hoop earrings, and red slip on sandal shoes. She also had many tattoos that are a great addition when making a costume of her.

Amy Winehouse Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Use this video to guide your Amy Winehouse inspired makeup. Amy’s makeup is another very important part to getting the costume right.

About Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was a British jazz and blues singer. She was known for her unique deep voice and musical success.

She won many Grammys and British awards for her musicality, but unfortunately passed away due to alcohol poisoning in 2011.