Ankha Costume from Animal Crossing for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ankha’s Costume from Animal Crossing

Ankha Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Body Paint Add a layer of yellow body paint on your face and arms.
2 Blue Eyeliner Then, use blue make-up to draw Ankha’s features.
3 Blue Wig Wear a short blue wig, too.
4 Cat Ears Then, wear cat ears in headband form.
5 Snake Headpiece Make sure to wear a snake headpiece.
6 Necklace Keep the costume elegant with this necklace.
7 White Dress Get a white dress in halter style.
8 Tail Keep the outfit cat-like with a tail.
9 Blue Bangle Get a pair of blue bangles or bracelets.
10 Leg Warmers Add another blue accent to the look with blue warmers.
11 Mask Then, you can also wear this full set mask as an option.

Rock Ankha’s Egyptian royalty look with a white halter dress styled with a cobra headpiece, necklace, and bangles. You can also apply yellow body paint to your costume and use blue eyeliner to the look. Complete the outfit with cat ears and a blue wig.

About Ankha

Ankha is a cat villager in Animal Crossing. She is named after the ankh, the Egyptian character for “life”. Ankha is known as snooty and a lover of gossip. In the game, she can be seen as being rude to the player.

Ankha is an Egyptian-themed cat villager with a regal and sassy personality. She stands out with her unique design, which features Egyptian symbols and references. Her name is a reference to the well-known queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra.

In terms of appearance, Ankha has vibrant blue fur with striking yellow-green eyes that resemble cat-eye hieroglyphics. She sports an Egyptian-inspired headdress and an elegant golden collar around her neck. The combination of her distinctive look and confident demeanor makes her instantly recognizable.

Personality-wise, Ankha is known for being snooty, aloof, and somewhat diva-like. She often speaks using formal language and displays an air of superiority. Despite this, she warms up to players over time and can be friendly once a rapport is built.

As a non-playable character in the Animal Crossing series, Ankha lives in a designated house within the player’s village or town. Players can interact with her, engage in conversations, undertake tasks for her, and build friendships like they would with other villagers.

One aspect that many fans appreciate about Ankha is her home interior decor. Taking inspiration from ancient Egypt’s rich history and culture, Ankha’s house features hieroglyphic walls, an assortment of Egyptian artifacts such as pyramids and pharaoh statues, papyrus scrolls, glamorous gold furniture pieces, and more. This attention to detail adds depth to her character and allows players to immerse themselves further into the game’s world.

Due to Ankha’s unique design aesthetic along with her snooty but intriguing personality traits, she has amassed a dedicated fan base within the Animal Crossing community. Fans often create fan art depicting different scenarios involving Ankha, cosplay as her at conventions, and discuss their affection for her on social media platforms.

In conclusion, Ankha’s Egyptian-inspired design, distinct personality, and captivating presence have made her a memorable character within the Animal Crossing franchise. She continues to charm players with her regal aura and adds depth to the vibrant and diverse cast of characters in the game.