Amaterasu from Okami's Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Okami’s Amaterasu Costume

Amaterasu Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Kimono Start the look with this white kimono.
2 Red Obi Belt Add a red accent with this obi.
3 Furry Leg Warmer Wear a pair of leg warmers, too.
4 White Wig You can also score a long white wig to complete the white look.
5 Fox Ears Keep the foxy outfit strong with these fox ears.
6 Fox Mask Get a fox mask to match with the ears.
7 Full Suit You may also get this full costume for a faster take!

Amaterasu takes the form of a white wolf and saves Nippon in the game called Okami. You can rock her look and wear a white kimono with a red obi. Keep the white foxy look going with a white wig, furry leg warmers, and a fox mask.

About Okami

Okami or Ōkami is a video game featuring the Shinto sun Goddess Amaterasu who took the form of a white wolf. The game is known for its cel-shaded 3D visuals. The storyline follows Amaterasu’s journey using celestial brush techniques to restore life and beauty to a world threatened by darkness and evil forces.