Revy Costume from Black Lagoon for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Revy’s Costume from Black Lagoon

Revy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Tank Top Wear this black tank top.
2 Denim Shorts Then, wear this pair of denim shorts.
3 Belt Style the shorts with this belt.
4 Green Boots Wear this pair of boots, too.
5 Gun Harness Add this cool layer to the costume.
6 Toy Gun Get this toy gun and put it in the holster.
7 Gloves Get a pair of fingerless gloves.
8 Eyeliner Use this eyeliner to draw her tattoos.
9 Wig Get a burgundy wig and tie into a ponytail.

You can rock Revy’s costume by styling your tank top and denim shorts with a gun holster and a pair of boots. Carry a toy gun as prop. For your finishing touch, be sure to wear a burgundy wig.

About Revy

Revy aka Rebecca Lee is a character from the manga Black Lagoon. It is about a team of pirate mercenaries (the Lagoon Company), that smuggles goods in Southeast Asia in the 1990s. Revy is the main gunfighter of the group. Revy is not one to be friendly, believing in getting her way using brute force and coercion. Of all the characters in the show, Revy uses the most foul language and is a heavy smoker and drinker. Revy is merciless and cruel, and is capable of killing anyone, even unarmed civilians.