Gene Simmons (KISS) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Gene Simmons’ Costume from KISS

Party like a rock star with the Gene Simmons’ costume pieces below.

Gene Simmons Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Kiss-printed shirt Keep it light yet on-brand with a metallic-print shirt which goes well with the KISS aesthetic.
2 Metallic Leggings Wear metallic black leggings.
3 Boots Wear black boots, too.
4 Rhinestones Keep the look on-brand with shimmer from rhinestone details you can add on the boots or all over the outfit.
5 Spike Shoulder Cap Cop spiked tassel shoulder caps to recreate Kiss’ iconic costume
6 Arm Guard Wear metallic arm guard to match with shoulder cap
7 Black Wig Get a mid-length black wig.
8 White Makeup Wear a white body paint on the entirety of the face.
9 Black Face Stick Use black makeup stick or face paint to line facial details.
10 Monster Guitar Carry this EVA foam guitar or a fake electric guitar to complete the look.

Kiss band is known for its great music and equally appealing outfits. Gene Simmons made it a point to make Kiss unique with his standout look.

Cop his costume with a KISS-inspired top, metallic or shiny pants, and finish with jewel-embellished boots.

He also has a metallic arm guard and carries a guitar. To complete the look, wear face paint and period-dated wig.

Gene Simmons Makeup Tutorial

About Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons is a bassist and co-lead singer of the band “KISS”. He is Israeli-American and is also known for his other persona as The Demon. Kiss is a well known American rock band founded in the 70’s.

Gene Simmons is best renowned for his unique stage persona and playing style. He can be easily spotted on stage thanks to his stage makeup, long tongue, and at some point shocked fans with vomiting blood. Another fun fact about him and his music is that his autographed Bass guitar was accepted by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in 2013, signifying his American story and contribution to music.