Ike Turner's Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ike Turner’s Costume

Ike Turner Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Button-down Keep the look vintage by wearing this shirt with the buttons only half-way done.
2 Bell Bottom Pants Then, get a pair of bell-bottom pants, too.
3 Bracelet Add a little shine to the look with some studded bracelets.
4 Belt Match your belt with the bracelets.
5 Boots As for the boots, you can wear a pair of your choice.
6 Inflatable Guitar Carry a toy guitar.
7 Wig Rock Ike’s look with this cool bob.
8 Shades Get the look edgy with a pair of shades.
9 Fake Facial Hair Complete the look with a set of fake mustache and beard.

Ike Turner’s costume is an iconic 80’s inspired one. To dress like him, you can wear a black button-down shirt with bell bottom pants. Add a pair of bracelets and a matching belt, too. To complete his costume, you can wear a short wig styled with sun glasses. For the finishing touch, add a fake mustache and beard to the look!

About Ike Turner

Ike Turner whose real name was Izear Luster Turner Jr. was an American musician and is known as a pioneer of rock and roll in the 80’s. He was the ex-husband of singer Tina Turner.