Madonna (Like A Virgin) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Madonna (Like A Virgin) Costume

Madonna Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Lace Bustier Wear this white lace bustier as a base for your Madonna dress.
2 White Layered Tulle Skirt A white layered tulle skirt is a great alternative for your Madonna dress.
3 White Heels Remain with your virginal theme and wear a pair of white heels
4 Madonna Wig If you don’t have the time to tease your hair into an ‘80s hairstyle, why not wear this wig instead?
5 White Vintage Bow Hairband Add a nice white bow headband to your wig for the full Madonna effect.
6 Gold Star Earrings Madonna wore dangling gold earrings with her outfit.
7 White Lace Gloves Accessorize your outfit with white fingerless lace gloves.
8 Layered Necklace Further your ‘80s vibe by layering necklaces.
9 Costume Set If you don’t have the time to DIY, get this costume set instead.

Madonna is a pop icon who has sung many unforgettable songs throughout the years. She’s considered ‘80s royalty and her songs are still sung today. But one of the most well-known and influential songs Madonna sung is Like A Virgin.

Even what she wore in the music video is still emulated today. She was wearing a flowy white dress with a bustier top, fingerless lace gloves, white heels, and layered necklaces. Here’s everything you need to look like Madonna in her Like A Virgin music video.

About Madonna’s Like A Virgin

Like A Virgin was Madonna’s lead single for her second album, and was released in 1984. This song is said to be the song that cemented Madonna’s place in pop culture history.

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