Ty Lee (Avatar The Last Airbender) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ty Lee Costume

Ty Lee Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Turtleneck Long Sleeve Crop Top Use this pink turtleneck crop top as the base of Ty Lee’s top.
2 Pink Harem Pants Keep yourself ready to move by wearing a pair of pink harem pants.
3 Burgundy Mary Jane Flats Get comfortable moving around with a pair of red Mary Janes.
4 Black Ponytail Extension Braid hair extensions to your hair to get Ty Lee’s hairstyle.
5 EVA Foam Sheet Use EVA foam sheet to create the poncho-like layer on her top.
6 Burgundy Fabric Use red fabric to recreate the different details of Ty Lee’s outfit, like her scrunchie, skirt, and poncho.
7 Burgundy Wristbands Accessorize with a pair of red wristbands.

Ty Lee is a bubbly and energetic girl that is part of the Fire Nation. She is a nobleman’s daughter and a friend of Princess Azula. She is also an acrobatic performer and an amazing hand-to-hand warrior known for using chi-blocking.

Ty Lee is most known for her red-themed outfit. She wears a cropped long-sleeved top with a poncho like layer, pink harem pants, red flats, and red wristbands.

About Ty Lee

Ty Lee was voiced by Olivia Hack Hack is also known for her roles in The Brady Bunch Movie, Gilmore Girls, and Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie.

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