Vanessa Enoteca Costume from Black Clover for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Vanessa Enoteca’s Costume from Black Clover

Vanessa Enoteca Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Bodysuit Wear this bodysuit to start.
2 Skirt You can also wear this skirt to match the top.
3 Cloth Get a yard of cloth to cut a short train and attach it by the skirt.
4 Stockings Wear stockings that match the outfit.
5 Bag Carry a purple bag like Vanessa’s.
6 Gloves Add an elegant touch to the costume with these gloves.
7 Pink Wig Keep the anime look strong with this wig.
8 Hat Then, wear this hat on top of the wig
9 Cloak Nail the outfit by wearing this hooded cropped cloak.

Vanessa Enoteca’s costume comes in a red-violet or burgundy color as seen in her bodysuit, gloves, stockings, and hat. She adds a pop of color with her pink hair. If you want to rock this costume, be sure to wear her cropped cloak, too!

About Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa Enoteca is a character from the manga and anime series Black Clover. She is a witch known to be from the Witches’ Forest and a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight from the Black Bull Squad. Vanessa is described as a person who is calm and has a fondness for alcohol and men. She has the ability to control her Magic Thread in which she can create and manipulate thread at will.