Midnight Costume from My Hero Academia for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Midnight’s Costume from My Hero Academia

Midnight Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Bodysuit Start the costume with this bodysuit.
2 Bodysuit Lingerie Wear this set on top of the white bodysuit.
3 Rhinestones Add rhinestones to the costume too.
4 Stockings Then, add another layer on your legs with these thigh-high stockings.
5 Belt For another pop of color, wear this red belt.
6 Leg Harness Pair this harness with the belt, too.
7 Boots Lace up on these boots for the costume.
8 Red Eye Mask Get this eye mask. Cut it as you prefer to match Midnight’s thin ones.
9 Handcuffs You may also wear these cuffs as bracelet.
10 Whip Carry a red whip as props.
11 Wig Complete the look with this wig.
12 Full Costume You can also order this full set for easier dressing.

Midnight’s dominatrix-inspired look comes with a white bodysuit, body harness, corset, stockings, and boots. She also has dark purple wig and a red eye mask. Carry a red whip as props, too.

About Midnight

Midnight is character from the anime and manga series My Hero Academia. Her real name is Nemuri Kaya who is an R-Rated hero. Nemuri Kaya is also faculty member at U.A. High School and teachers Modern Hero Art History. Her personality can be seen as flirtatious at times and also temperamental.
Despite this, she is also seen as intelligent and articulate.