Operation Game Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Operation Game Costume

Operation Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Nude Long-Sleeved Top Begin your outfit with a nude long-sleeved top.
2 Nude Pants Match your top with a pair of nude pants.
3 Assorted Felt Paper Use red and white felt paper to recreate the body parts from the game, and stick it on your top and pants.
4 Flashing Red Nose Make sure to wear a flashing red nose.
5 Tongs Bring along a pair of silver tongs as your accessory.

The game of Operation is a battery-operated board game developed by Hasbro that tests a player’s hand-eye coordination. It was invented in 1964 by John Spinello. In the game, you will need to remove funnily named parts from the person without touching the edges of the cavity.

The board game has an almost nude man lying on an operation table with scattered parts of his body on display. To look like the man from the game, you will need to wear a nude top and nude pants covered with body parts made from felt paper, a red nose, and a pair of tongs.

About Operation Game

“Operation” is a classic board game that originally debuted in 1965. The game features a cartoon patient with various ailments, and players use tweezers to carefully remove small plastic pieces from these “ailments” without touching the edges of the openings. If the tweezers touch the edge, it causes the patient’s red nose to light up and a buzzer to sound, indicating a failed attempt. The goal is to successfully remove all the pieces without setting off the buzzer. The game requires a steady hand and careful coordination, making it a fun and challenging activity for players of all ages. Over the years, “Operation” has remained a beloved family game and has inspired various editions and adaptations.

The part ‘Brain Freeze’ was only added to the game in 2005. It was voted by fans, and beat out two other choices, ‘Tennis Elbow’ and ‘Growling Stomach.’

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