Corduroy the Bear Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Corduroy the Bear’s Costume

Corduroy The Bear Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Bear Onesie Wear a bear onesie to start the cute costume.
2 Green Overalls for Men Then, add an oversized version of this piece to the onesie.
3 Green Overalls for Women Ladies can wear this green overalls set, too.
4 Large Buttons Choose a large button piece and pin it to one side of the overalls.
5 Cap Optional bear cap.
6 Plush Prop

This cute costume can be a cool outfit to wear to your next cozy costume party! Rock Corduroy’s look with a bear onesie topped with green overalls. For a finishing touch, add a large button on one side of the outfit as seen on Corduroy’s picture.

About Corduroy the Bear

Corduroy is a children’s book created by Don Freeman. It is listed as one of the Teacher’s Top 100 Books for Children in a 2007 online poll. The story is centered on a young teddy bear called Corduroy who is a toy displayed in a department store shelf. A girl named Lisa finds the bear and wanted to buy it. However, Lisa’s mother refused and tried to convince her that the toy was not worth it as it was missing a button.

Corduroy is a small teddy bear who lives in a department store. He is missing a button on his green corduroy overalls, which makes him feel less desirable to potential owners. One day, a little girl named Lisa falls in love with Corduroy and wants to take him home. However, Lisa’s mother points out that he is not perfect due to his missing button, so they leave the store without him.

Determined to find his missing button, Corduroy embarks on an adventure throughout the department store at night. He explores different areas, climbs up an escalator, and even gets stuck in an elevator before finally finding some buttons in the furniture section. Though he doesn’t find an exact match for his button, Corduroy decides to take matters into his own hands and uses his ingenuity to create a new one.

The next morning, Lisa returns to the store with her piggy bank money and happily purchases Corduroy. She loves him just the way he is and promises to sew on his new button when they get home.

The story of Corduroy teaches valuable lessons about acceptance, self-worth, and the power of love. It emphasizes that everyone deserves love and belonging, regardless of their imperfections or differences. Corduroy’s resilience and determination inspire children to believe in themselves and embrace their uniqueness.

Following its initial success, Corduroy went on to become a cherished character in several other books by different authors who continued Freeman’s work after his passing in 1978. These sequels further explore Corduroy’s adventures while maintaining the heartwarming spirit that made him so popular among young readers.

In addition to the books, Corduroy has been adapted into an animated television series and has inspired a variety of merchandise, including stuffed animals and toys. The timeless appeal of this lovable bear continues to captivate generations of children and remains a staple in children’s literature.