Sophie Foster (Keeper of the Lost Cities) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Sophie Foster’s Costume from Keeper of the Lost Cities

Sophie Foster Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Teal Top Make this teal-colored top the beginning point of your look.
2 Teal Skirt Then you can match it with a similar-colored skirt.
3 Gray Leggings For the bottoms, layer a pair of leggings under the skirt.
4 Brown Boots Then you can also make sure to add a medieval touch with your pair of boots.
5 Cape Top the whole look with this cape
6 Blonde Wig Add a finishing touch with this blonde wig.

Sophie Turner’s amazing costume features a long-sleeved teal top as well as a pleated skirt. Then top it off with a cape, too. You can get a pair of grey leggings as well as brown boots to complete the medieval look. For the hair, be sure to wear a blonde wig.

About Sophie Foster

Sophie Foster is a protagonist in the series called Keeper of the Lost Cities. She is also training with the Black Swan and also had duels with the Neverseen. Amidst these events, she also does missions with Team Valient while also attending Foxfire Academy. Councillor Oralie is her biological mother.