Dress For the Caribbean Carnival

Nope, the Caribbean Carnival isn’t just held once in once place. It’s a collective term used in the English language to refer to the many wonderful events that happen in the Caribbean islands.

There’s the Mother Carnival, the Trinidad Carnival, the Havana Carnival, and many more! The Caribbean carnivals are celebrated by its people to commemorate what it is to be a part of their community. With that, many places around the world have also adopted this type of celebration so that the people of the Caribbean can remember where they came from and who they are!

How to Dress for the Caribbean Carnival – Women

It’s sunny and hot and the women in the parade are sizzling. Be wowed by the many different costumes you’ll see in the different carnivals and check out how many different ways you can decorate your bikinis.

1. Glowing Duo

Caribbean carnival gold glow

Shine brightly as ever and wear matching outfits with your friends!


2. Bedecked Bikinis

Caribbean carnival bikini

You could wear plain or you could put on a bikini that’s been decorated with dazzling crystals and beads.


3. Phoenix Rising

Caribbean carnival phoenix

Choose a color and pick a theme, like this phoenix-like outfit!


4. Go as a Group

Caribbean carnival group

It’s more fun when you celebrate with your group of friends!

5. Bold as Blue

Caribbean carnival bold

Go a different route and paint your whole self a single color!


Know the look you want? Find the things you’ll need on the list below:

Things You Might Need:

# Item Description
1 Bikini Set Use this bikini set as the base of your costume.
2 Sequined Latin Dance Dress You can opt for a fancy-looking dress as an outfit to the carnival.
3 Carnival Headdress Be in the mood with this carnival headdress.
4 Costume Necklace Layer yourself with beautiful costume jewelry.
5 Body Glitter Start the party with this awesome body glitter.

How to Dress for the Caribbean Carnival – Men

Men can have lots of fun joining the parade as well. Whether you team up with your partner or you want to look unique, there are lots of costume choices to choose from!

1. Bright, Bold, & Blue

caribean carnival right blue

Look like you rose up from under the sea in this wonderful attire!


2. The Traditional Route

Caribbean carnival traditional

Preserve long-living traditions and show everyone how to truly party!


3. Dress as Pairs

Caribbean carnival pairs

Dress up together with your partners!


4. Painting Faces

Caribbean carnival face paint

Use natural colors and simple white paint to create a stunning look!


5. Go Big or Go Home

Caribbean carnival go big

Simple or elegant, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re having fun!


Know what you want? Check the list below for things you might have forgotten to get:

Things You Might Need:

# Item Description
1 Native Headdress Use this native headdress for your traditional outfit.
2 EVA Foam Use EVA foam for your DIY costume accessories.
3 Colored Feathers Colored feathers are great for making wings.
4 Body Paint Paint your body however you want.

How to Dress for the Caribbeanl Carnival – Kids

Yes, even kids can join the celebration! Make sure they’re having the time of their lives with amazing costumes.

1. Awesome in Orange

Caribbean carnival orange

Make your kids shine the brightest with this blindingly orange ensemble!

2. Perfectly pink

Caribbean carnival pink

Look playful and girly with this mostly pink outfit!

3. Girl in Green

Caribbean carnival green

Wow the carnival goers with this fantastic green number!


4. Time for Technicolor

Caribbean carnival technicolor

Wear the rainbow and provide smiles for everyone watching you!

5. Mixing Rainbow and White

Caribbean carnival rainbow white

Dress up in all the colors you want for all the more fun!


Kids know what costume they want? Look at the list below for more inspiration:

Things You Might Need:

# Item Description
1 Rainbow Skirt Paint the town rainbow with adorable skirt.
2 Tulle Fabric Use the tulle fabric for different costume props and details.
3 Sequins Create shining details with sequins.
4 Beads Another great material for costume details is beads.
5 Velcro Use Velcro to easily secure your kid’s costume.

About the Caribbean Carnival

The Caribbean Carnival is made up of different carnivals from the different parts of the Caribbean Islands. Likewise, it is also celebrated in the different parts of the world like Toronto and New York.

Unlike the western ideology, the carnivals of the Caribbean are not for amusement rides and the like. They are for celebrating the people and their traditions.

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