Linda (Rio) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Linda’s Costume from Rio

Linda (Rio) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Sequined Top Wear this blue bra or your choice sequined top.
2 Blue Skirt Pair it off with a shiny skirt.
3 Blue Garter Wear this garter on the shins or legs.
4 Net Gloves Add this edgy piece to the costume as well!
5 Heels Prepare to dance all-night long and wear comfy sandals or heels.
6 Eyeglasses Rock Linda’s outfit with her spectacles or eyeglasses.
7 Blue Headpiece Top the costume with this feathered head band.
8 Blue Wings Match the head piece with these wings.

Linda stepped up to the occasion and dressed like the most beautiful bird in the carnival for Rio. Her costume consists of a sequined bra and skirt. Then style it with a garter and pair of gloves, too. You can also make sure to rock her look with blue strap sandals. For the bird details of the look, wear a feather hair piece as well as matching wings. Top it off with Linda’s signature eyeglasses.

About Linda

Linda is a character from the animated film Rio. She is seen in the movie as Blu’s owner. Blu considers her as his best friend. She used to live in Minnesota (in her bookshop) but moved to Brazil. Linda also married Tulio.