Dave and Ava Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Dave and Ava Costume

Dave And Ava Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Orange and Blue Sweatshirts Use a plain sweatshirt in orange (for Dave) and blue (for Ava) to start off your outfit.
2 Orange and Blue Joggers Pair your tops with the same colored joggers for the comfiest look.
3 Orange and Blue Sneakers Keep to each kid’s color theme by wearing same shades of shoes.
4 Brown Dog Ears Add brown dog ears for your Dave outfit.
5 Blue Kitten Ears Add a pair of blue kitten ears for your Ava outfit.
6 Blue and Brown Fabric Paint Use blue fabric paint to create streaks on your sweatshirt and joggers for Ava, and brown fabric paint to color Dave’s cuffs.
7 Felt Sheets Use felt sheets to create the hearts and doggy bones on the kid’s hoodie drawstrings.
8 Short Blonde Wig Look like Ava when you wear a short blonde wig.
9 Short Curly Brunette Wig Look like Dave when you wear a curly brunette wig.

Dave and Ava is an animated series in YouTube that rose in popularity for their catchy nursery rhymes. Their target audience is toddlers, ages 1-4, and that’s why they look like little kids. Dave is a little boy with short curly brown hair with a preference for dogs while Ava is a little girl with white-blonde hair who likes cats.

Dave and Ava are curious little kids who love learning about the world. Dave wears orange pajamas with puppy ears and Ava wears blue pajamas with kitten ears.

About Dave and Ava

Dave and Ava joined YouTube on December 4, 2014. They currently have 14.1 Million subscribers and over 8 Billion views.

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