Bubble Guppies Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Bubble Guppies Costume

Bubble Guppies Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Kids Full-Body Leotard If you don’t want your kid strutting about without any clothes, you can make them wear this nude full-body leotard.
2 Light Blue Fabric Use this light blue fabric to create Molly’s tube and tail.
3 Pink Wig Molly has pink hair so you can let your kid wear this wig.
4 Molly Plushie Bring Molly along for the day.
5 Costume Set Don’t want to DIY? Get this Molly costume set instead.
6 Costume Set Your kid can also come as Deema with this costume set.
7 Camo Fabric Use this camo fabric to make Gil’s tail.
8 Blue Pomade Instead of a wig, you can use blue pomade to temporarily give your kid blue hair.
9 Gil Plushie Bring Gil wherever you go.
10 Nonny Plushie You can also choose to bring along Nonny.
11 Gil Costume Set No time to DIY? Get this Gil costume set now.

The Bubble Guppies are a group of fun-loving Merpeople preschoolers who help your own kids learn new things and new songs. They all live in a place called Bubbletucky and attend a school lead by their teacher, Mr. Grouper (a goldfish). The group also has a pet merdog called Bubble Puppy.

All the kids have different colored hair and tails. Molly has pink hair and a blue tail, Gil has blue hair and a camo-colored tail, Deema has an orange tail and yellow curly hair, Oona has purple hair and a purple and pink tail, Goby has a dark purple afro and purple and blue tail, and Nonny has orange hair, a green-striped tail, and a pair of blue goggles as his glasses. Here’s everything you need to look like a Bubble Guppy.

About Bubble Guppies

The Bubble Guppies main cast consists of Bailey Gambertoglio (Molly), Tori Feinstein (Oona), Grace Kaufman (Deema), Zachary Gordon (Gil), Christopher Borger (Goby), Eamon Pirruccello (Nonny), and Tino Insana, (Mr. Grouper).

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