Kuki Sanban / Numbuh 3 Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Kuki Sanban / Numbuh 3 Costume

Numbuh 3 Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Over-Sized Long Sleeve Shirt Choose this oversized long-sleeved green shirt as the recognizable outfit of your smart and charming character.
2 Black Leggings Match your top with this simple pair of black leggings.
3 Green Socks These classic green socks will complement the color of your shirt.
4 Black and White Canvas Shoes Pick these black and white canvas shoes to finish off your kid operative attire.
5 Black Long Straight Wig with Bangs Look more like your girly happy-go-lucky character by wearing this long straight black wig with bangs.

Numbuh 3, (real name Kuki Sanban) is the carefree Japanese-American 4th grade girl in the American animated television series Codename: Kids Next Door. She is in charge of Diversionary Tactics and is the Medical Specialist of Sector V of the global organization called the Kids Next Door. She is also the primary caretaker of the hamsters that power their high-tech treehouse.

Numbuh 3 is smart, optimistic, and charming. She wears an oversized long-sleeved green shirt, black leggings, solid green crew socks, black and white canvas shoes, and long straight black hair with bangs.

About Numbuh 3

Numbuh 3 was voiced by Lauren Tom. Tom is also known for her roles in The Joy Luck Club, Friends, Andi Mack, and Futurama.

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