My Melody and Kuromi Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make My Melody & Kuromi Costume

My Melody & Kuromi Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make My Melody Costume

# Item Description
1 Pink Short Summer Dress This short pink summer dress will highlight your adorable and good-natured character.
2 White and Pink Knee High Socks Complement your lovely dress with these white and pink knee high socks.
3 Pink Sandal with Strap and Glitter Spotlight your cute and girly persona by choosing this pair of pink sandals with straps and glitter.
4 My Melody Hooded Capelet Show who you really are by wearing this special hooded My Melody capelet.

How to Make Kuromi Costume

# Item Description
1 Black Mini Dress Start your spirited and punkish getup with this mini black dress.
2 Black and Pink Long Socks Add this pair of long black and pink socks to your daring attire.
3 Black Ankle High Boots Underscore your cheeky appearance with these pair of ankle-high black boots.
4 Kuromi Hooded Capelet Make your identity known by donning this special hooded Kuromi capelet.
5 Rhinestone Fingerless Fishnet Gloves Appear girly and sassy by including these fingerless rhinestone fishnet gloves to your outfit.

My Melody and Kuromi are rival Sanrio characters. My Melody is the white rabbit best friend of Hello Kitty who wears a pink hood that covers her ears and is a very honest and good-natured girl. On the other hand, Kuromi is the punk tomboy white rabbit who wears a black jester hood over her ears and who holds a strong grudge against My Melody.

My Melody is usually very friendly with her rival Kuromi. They wear a short pink summer dress, white and pink knee high socks, pink sandals with straps and glitter, and a My Melody hooded capelet for My Melody; and a black mini dress, black and pink long socks, black ankle-high boots, a Kuromi hooded capelet, and black rhinestone fingerless fishnet gloves for Kuromi.

About My Melody and Kuromi

My Melody was born on January 18th in the magical forest of Mariland and she fondly loves Almond pound cakes.

Kuromi’s birthday is October 31 (Halloween) and is actually very girly, attracted to good-looking guys, and hooked on romantic short stories despite her tough appearance.

My Melody and Kuromi are two popular characters from the Sanrio universe, a Japanese company known for creating cute and adorable characters. Both characters have gained a significant fanbase worldwide and have appeared in various products, merchandise, and media.

  • My Melody: My Melody is a cute and cheerful rabbit character with a pink hood that covers her ears. She is depicted as a kind-hearted and sweet-natured character who loves to bake and make others happy. My Melody’s signature feature is a red or pink hood, which she always wears to protect her sensitive ears from the cold. She has a close friend named Flat, a sheep who often accompanies her on her adventures. My Melody’s positive and gentle personality has made her a beloved character among Sanrio fans.
  • Kuromi: Kuromi is My Melody’s contrasting counterpart. She is a mischievous and sassy character with a gothic and punk-inspired appearance. Kuromi has purple or black hair and a devilish smile, and she wears a black jester’s hat with a skull on it. Despite her edgy appearance, Kuromi also has a soft side and values friendship. She is the leader of a gang called “Kuromi and the Black-Magic Friends,” which consists of other edgy and dark Sanrio characters.

Both My Melody and Kuromi have been featured in various Sanrio merchandise, including stationery, plush toys, accessories, and more. They have also appeared in animated series, video games, and collaborations with other popular franchises. Their contrasting personalities and unique designs have made them standout characters in the world of kawaii (cute) culture.

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