Annie Edison (Community) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Annie Edison costume

Annie Edison Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Long white winter socks pretty uncommon piece for western outfit, but excellent for this costume
2 Short puff sleeves shirt a classic short puff sleeves blouse, hugely popular in 1920’s
3 Maroon cowgirl vest an essential part of western outfit. Pretty much any kind of red/maroon vest would be fine
4 Nylon stockings You can use pretty much any kind of classic nylon stockings. Black or grey, it doesn’t matter.
5 Leather necklace Annie wears some vintage brown necklace with few metal inlays
6 Combat boots Not western, but still a good choice for this occasion
7 Revolver gun You will need a revolver if you want to be a proper cowgirl
8 Gun holster and belt another essential piece of the western outfit
9 Paintball gun although a cowgirl, paintball gun is actually Annie’s primary weapon
10 Lace hem bloomers some sexy black or grey lace hem bloomer would be a perfect choice for this costume

Annie’s costume is pretty straightforward. She is a typical sexy cowgirl, always ready for some action. So, there are some pretty common pieces of clothes, like sexy lace hem bloomers, short puff sleeves blouse,  and maroon vest. Still, there are some details unusual for cowgirls, like combat boots, long white winter socks, and a paintball gun. All in all, this costume seems pretty simple and all pieces are easy to find.

About Annie Edison

One of these events was inspired by popular TV show "Community. These series are known for some nice meta-humor and two episodes were inspired by iconic Spaghetti Western movies. Those two episodes were called “A Fistful of Paintballs” and “For A Few Paintballs More”, a clear allusion to two parts of Sergio Leone’s iconic “Dollar” trilogy. Annie Edison cosplays a classic cowgirl character, wearing a hot cowgirl costume.