Maeve Millay (Westworld) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Maeve Millay Costume

Maeve Millay Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black and Red Floral Lace Trim Corset Start off your Maeve costume with a smoldering red and black corset.
2 Red and Black Lace Trim Ruffled Skirt Pair your skirt with a sexy red and black lace ruffled skirt.
3 Black Heel Boots Add a little extra height and poise with a pair of black heeled boots.
4 Red Goose Feathers Wear red feathers on your head.
5 Red and Gold Jewelry Accessorize to look extra seductive.
6 Lace Fingerless Gloves Look extra appealing with a pair of black fingerless lace gloves.
7 Ruffle Fishnet Stockings Add drama to your look with a pair of black fishnet stockings.
8 Floral Folding Hand Fan Don’t forget to hold a folding fan as part of your look.

Maeve Millay is a host in Westworld, and works as a brothel madam. She is charming, perceptive, and highly manipulative. With the emergence of her self-awareness, she almost becomes entirely ruthless. But that’s not to say she’s all bad. Maeve is also sweet and kind to her loved ones.

Maeve Millay is a woman you don’t want to scorn, for sure. She wears a red and black corset, a red and black ruffled skirt, black stockings, and black heeled boots.

About Maeve Millay

Maeve Millay was portrayed by Thandiwe Newton. Newton is also known for her roles in Crash, Mission: Impossible II, and The Pursuit of Happyness.

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