Zoya The Destroya (GLOW) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Zoya The Destroya’s Costume from GLOW

Own the wrestling ring with the pieces below to rock Zoya the Destroya costume:

Zoya The Destroya Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red One-Shoulder Body Suit This red bodysuit is the focal point of the costume.
2 Black Belt Accentuate the costume with a belt with a golden buckle…
3 Red Choker Wear this choker, too.
4 Red Sleeve Wear a red compression sleeve on your other arm.
5 Black Ribbon Use this black ribbon as sash.
6 Epaulet Keep the details on point with this star-printed epaulet which you can add on the shoulder.
7 Black Boots Nail her wrestler look with these boots.
8 Short Wig Get a short brown wig and style it in an updo.
9 Black Lipstick You can also look stunning wearing the outfit with her signature black lips.

You can rock this costume inspired by Zoya the Destroya by simply getting a red one-shoulder body suit. Then be sure to wear a matching choker and compression sleeve. Style the suit with a black belt with a golden buckle. You may also add in a ribbon to use as a sash. Near the shoulder, attach an epaulet with a star on it. Then complete the costume with a wig, black boots, and of course, Zoya’s signature dark lipstick.

About Zoya The Destroya/Ruth Wilder

Zoya The Destroya whose real name is Ruth Wilder, is a character from the television series GLOW. She is known for speaking with a Russian Accent which is due to the act “Red Scare”. Her character is also said to be based from real-life wrestler Colonel Ninotchka.