Troy & Abed in the Morning! Costume (Community) for Cosplay & Halloween

Troy & Abed’s Costume Items

Troy And Abed Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Grey Jacket Suit Any simple cut grey suit would be perfect to replicate an effortless, yet handsome look of Troy’s
2 Light Pink Buttoned Down Shirt with Long Sleeve Troy has a light pink buttoned shirt underneath his jacket. You can also find a plain shirt with long sleeve with other light toned colors
3 Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Reversible Belt A classic leather brown belt would give a compliment to Troy’s less is more look, so any of brown business leather belts is great
4 Casual Oxford Sneakers This brown pair of leather sneakers are classy and fun which suits Troy’s character
5 Levis Straight Jeans Straight jeans are comfortable to wear which speaks Troy’s easy style whereas he lets a suit does an elegant work
6 Light Blue Buttoned Down Shirt with Long Sleeve While Troy owns his sharp and smart look, Abed rocks a soft style. Abed’s color choice is pretty much pastel, so you can choose any shirts as long as they are in pastel or soft colors
7 Striped Cardigan Sweater You can also try to find another cardigan sweaters with more accurate tone
8 Grey Bowties This is a pack of 12 grey bowties, you can also find an individual package to save some cost if you like to.
9 Sneakers Pair Abed’s outfit with this white pair of sneakers, or any other sneakers with lighter tones
10 Canvas Fabric Belt Abed’s style represents energy and youth and canvas belts speak just that, because it’s not too formal and often seen in an energetic activity
11 Lee Straight and Slim Jeans You can even choose skinny jeans instead, but never forget to pick the right color
12 Show Mug Yep! This is a replica with the morning show logo on it

Troy & Abed’s Signature Outfit

Beside the iconic singing at the open and the end, Troy’s and Abed’s outfit is also the signature of their show, or even of the sitcom itself. Troy often rocks a classy and simple grey suit while Abed never to fail to look good in his stripe cardigan sweater, and they always hold a cup with the show’s logo printed on it.

About Troy & Abed

In a famous American T.V. sitcom “Community” the characters Troy and Abed, played by Donald Glover and Danny Pudi, who are best friends and the duo of the show, host a talk show called “Troy and Abed in the Morning!” The show is regularly hosted in Group Study Room F where all the main characters often get together, it neither being broadcasted nor taped in the sitcom, but it is sometimes watched and even joined by other characters in the room.

Being done in the manner of a morning show, “Troy and Abed in the Morning!” works as running gags, a comical situation that appears repeatedly throughout the show (like the interview scene in ‘Modern Family’). Typically, the show starts and ends with Troy and Abed sing its name. As the nature of the sitcom, “Troy and Abed in the Morning!” is a light-hearted show poking and spilling jokes about situations and what’s going in the sitcom.