How to Make Martin and Gina’s Costume from Martin

For Martin

Martin Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Shirt For this look, wear a white shirt first.
2 Jacket Then top it with a jacket or a coat blazer.
3 Light Pants Match the pants with the jacket, too.
4 Goatee Complete the costume with this goatee.

For Gina Costume

Gina Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Blazer Get this head-turning top.
2 Skirt Match it with this pink skirt.
3 Pink Shoes Complete the bottoms with this pair of pink heels.
4 Earrings Add an elegant piece to the look suck as this pair of earrings.
5 Wig Rock Gina’s short bob cut with this wig.

To get Gina’s amazing costume, you can wear a pink blazer with skirt and shoes. She also has a pair of statement earrings which looked great together with her short hair. Meanwhile, Martin’s costume can easily be recreated with his white shirt under his brown jacket or coat. Then add a fake beard and mustache to complete the costume.

About Martin and Gina

Martin and Gina are characters from the hit show Martin. The show follows the story of Martin who is living in Michigan as a disc jockey and his girlfriend and soon-to-be wife Gina. Martin is employed by WZUP station and then later by the Chanell 51 station. He is described as free-spirited and sometimes selfish. Meanwile, Gina is described as a fun-loving and kind person to balance Martin’s personality.