Sonic.exe's Costume from Creepypasta for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Sonic.exe’s Costume from Creepypasta

Sonic.exe Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Fake Blood Secure fake blood to splash on your skin, face, and costume.
2 Black Makeup Wear black makeup around the eyes.
3 Red Contact Lenses Get a pair of red contact lenses.
4 Blue Onesie You can also wear a blue onesie for a DIY Sonic look.
5 Sonic Hat Then, wear a Sonic hat, too.
6 Sonic the Hedgehog Onesie For a more in-character look, you can wear this onesie.
7 Gloves Wear a pair of gloves. Make sure to style it with fake blood, too.
8 Sonic the Hedgehog Shoes Then, complete the look with these shoes.

The Sonic.exe costume includes fake blood, black makeup, red contact lenses, a blue onesie, a Sonic hat, gloves, and Sonic shoes. Combining these elements create a unique and unsettling look based on the character from the Creepypasta story. This costume is inspired by the evil and menacing aspects of the Sonic.exe character and is popular in the cosplay and Halloween communities.

About Sonic.exe

Sonic.exe is a character from platform of Creepypasta. He originated from the creepypasta genre of online horror stories. In August 2011, user JC-the-Hyena submitted a story on the Creepypasta Wiki about a strange CD-ROM the narrator received from a friend. The CD had SONIC. Sonic.exe is an example of an established subgenre within Creepypasta which presents an alternate, malevolent version of the beloved character, spreading a haunted game disc that kills main characters within the Sonic the Hedgehog story and drains their souls.