Donkey (Shrek) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Donkey Costume

Donkey Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Shirt Begin your smart-assed outfit by getting this donkey-inspired T-shirt.
2 Gray Straight Fit Jeans Pair your donkey shirt with these straight-fit gray jeans.
3 Dark Brown Sneakers Choose this pair of dark brown sneakers fittingly to appear to have hooves.
4 Mask Wear this smiling and witty-looking donkey mask to unmistakably show what kind of a character you are.
5 Gray Giant Tube Yarn Use this giant and chunky gray tube yarn to make your donkey tail by cutting the appropriate length and then either attaching a clump of short black hairy material at one end or just coloring the end with black paint.

Donkey is the husband of Dragon. He wears a donkey-inspired shirt, straight-fit gray jeans with a gray donkey tail attached at the back, dark brown sneakers, and a donkey mask.

About Donkey

Donkey is one of the leading characters in the popular American animated fantasy comedy movie franchise Shrek. He is the extremely talkative and annoying sidekick donkey and best friend of Shrek. He is also the grey miniature donkey comic relief character who is well known for his wit, smarts, and humor.

Doney was portrayed by Eddie Murphy. Murphy is also known for his roles in Beverly Hills Cop, The Nutty Professor, Dreamgirls, and Harlem Nights.

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