Deadshot from Suicide Squad Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make a Deadshot Costume from Suicide Squad

Deadshot Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Deadshot Mask Get Deadshot’s white full-head mask to cover your face.
2 Red Spandex Shirt with Long Sleeves Look for a plain red spandex shirt with long sleeves.
3 Slim Fit Black Pants A pair of stretchy slim pants are perfect.
4 Black Vest Armor Get a bike vest armor in black color and wear it over the shirt.
5 Combat Boots A regular pair of black combat boots should do.
6 Tactical Belt Look for a black tactical belt that fits you.
7 Arm Guards A pair of simple black arm guards.
8 Knee/Elbow/Wrist Pads Look for knee/elbow/wrist pads in black colors to gear up the outfit.
9 Thigh Holster Get a thigh pistol holster to put a prop gun in.
10 Sniper Toy Get a sniper toy in whatever style that you like.
11 Pistol Prop You should also get a pistol gun to put in the holster.
12 Funko POP Movies: Deadshot Action Figure Lastly, get the Deadshot action figure from Funko POP for your DC collection!

Deadshot’s signature style has a military feel to it. He has a white full-head mask with a goggle on to hide his identity. He also wears a red long-sleeved spandex shirt with black armor on top, black pants, and boots.

Deadshot is well equipped with protections such as knee guards, arms guards, military belt, and gun holsters. For weapons, he has a big sniper and pistols. To recreate Deadshot’s deadly style, checkout our list down below!

About Deadshot

Deadshot or Floyd Lawton, famously portrayed by Will Smith, is one of the main characters in 2016 Suicide Squad , a DC film directed by David Ayer. Deadshot considered the most wanted hitman in the world. Back in the day Floyd was a vigilante fighting crimes in the streets of Gotham City, now he has evolved into a high-cost assassin/mercenary and is known as Deadshot.

In other words, Deadshot is a professional criminal who will do whatever he’s paid for. People know Deadshot as a man who never misses because his sniper skill is real good, but he actually misses when it comes to killing Batman. Therefore Deadshot is captured by Batman and sent to imprisonment in in Belle Reve, where he is later recruited by Amanda Waller to join the suicide squad to defeat Enchantress. Although Deadshot seems to be a cold-hearted killer, he actually has a great love for his daughter, Zoe.