Deathstroke (DC) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Deathstroke Costum

Deathstroke Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Full Head Mask Start with a realistic Deathstroke full head mask/helmet in orange and black color. Or else you can choose a fabric mask in the same colors as well.
2 Orange Motorbike Armor Jacket Look for a motorbike armor jacket in orange and black color for a realistic upper body part.
3 Orange Motorbike Gloves Find a pair of racing gloves that compliment your jacket with back and orange colors.
4 Protective Pants Any skinny black pants would be doable, however a pair of protective pants are much more realistic.
5 Orange Racing Boots Look for a pair of racing boots in black and orange color schemes.
6 Dual Ninja Swords with Back Carrying Scabbard Gear up your costume with a pair of samurai swords made of stainless steel with back carrying scabbard. If you prefer more safety choice, you can choose a different material such as foam instead.
7 Military Equipment Belt Any plain black equipment belts would be perfect.
8 Tactical Leg Holster Get a simple designed gun holster for leg in black.
9 Rubber Pistol Choose another gear, a pistol costume in black color, for your gun holster.
10 Action Figure from Funko POP Get your cute little action figure of Deathstroke from Funko POP.

Deathstroke’s signature outfit is a black bodysuit with orange armor parts and mask. Although Deathstroke has mastered various martial arts and hand-to-hand combat skills, he is also good at using a number of weapons as such a sword, combat knives, pistols, and a sniper rifle; all of which that seem to become his signature weapons. Now if you’d like to become as awesome as Deathstroke is, without undergo any procedures, just follow our list down below!

About Deathstroke from DC Comics

Deathstroke or Slade Wilson, famously played by Manu Bennett in the CW show “Arrow” and by Joe Manganiello in the up coming DCEU movie, is a super-villain and the greatest assassin in all of DC Comics. Deathstroke is a military man, a mercenary, an so he participated in highly dangerous classified missions. Yearning to improve his own abilities, Slade underwent an experimental procedure that granted him enhanced speed, strength and intelligence, effectively making him the world’s greatest and the most dangerous soldier when they combine with his high intelligence.

And because of his intelligence, he’s a good strategist and tactician. In the comics, Deathstroke has encountered and fought against Batman, Nightwing, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, Green Arrow, and many more. Deathstroke is never shaken with any dare-devil and difficult tasks for he loves challenges; the harder, the better. With all his ability, Deathstroke is capable of standing toe-to-toe against a large number of the DC Universe’s most gifted fighters and most powerful heroes.