Ryuk (Death Note) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ryuk Costume

Ryuk Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Long-Sleeved Shirt Use a black long-sleeved shirt as the base of your outfit.
2 Black Compression Pants Pair your shirt with black compression pants.
3 Black Boots Stick to the all-black theme with this pair of boots.
4 Black Gloves Ryuk’s hands are also black so you can wear a pair of gloves to mimic that.
5 Black Anime Wig Get Ryuk’s interesting hairstyle with a wig.
6 Black Feathers Don’t forget to create Ryuk’s feathery sleeves for the full Shinigami effect.
7 Black and White Body Paint Use body paint to get Ryuk’s skin tone and facial features right.
8 skull belt optionally wear a belt with skull buckle

When you watch him, it’s easy to forget that Ryuk is a cunning and unapologetically ambivalent Shinigami. After all, he loves video games, is shy around girls, and is unhealthily obsessed with apples. But this grim reaper doesn’t actually care about the people around him. He thinks of death as entertainment and will cut ties with you as soon as you lose your interesting qualities.

Aside from his adorably misleading qualities, not much can be said about Ryuk’s appearance. He definitely looks like someone you want to be careful around. Ryuk wears an all-black ensemble complete with black feathers. He has a white grayish skin tone and big yellow eyes. Here’s everything you need to look like Ryuk.

About Ryuk

Ryuk is a Shinigami. A Shinigami is a Japanese god of death that can take your life to prolong its own. The Western equivalent of a Shinigami is a grim reaper.

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