Agnes (Despicable Me) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Agnes Costume

Agnes Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow-Striped Shirt Agnes loves wearing her simple yellow-striped shirt.
2 Blue Overalls Agnes is the most innocent of the bunch, and her blue overalls create a playful aura to her look.
3 Yellow Socks Agnes’ yellow socks are a cool way to match with her shirt.
4 White Sneakers Agnes keeps her look modern and casual with a pair of white sneakers.
5 Red Ponytail Agnes keeps her hair away from her face with a red ponytail.
6 Unicorn Plushie Agnes is crazy obsessed with all things fluffy, especially unicorns.
7 Costume Set You can also get a costume set for your own little girl.

Agnes is the youngest of the three little girls that the villainous Gru adopts. Unlike her other siblings, Agnes was very fond of Gru from the start and showed him how much she loved him unconditionally. She’s very innocent and trusting, and that’s why her older sisters are very protective of her. But this little sunshine is the reason why Gru started shedding a new leaf in the first place. So, all is well!

Agnes is known for her cute little girl outfit. She has on a yellow striped shirt, blue overalls, and white sneakers. Her hair is tied in a very high ponytail with the use of a red hair tie and she is most known for loving unicorns, so a unicorn plushie is a must! Here’s everything you need to look like Agnes.

About Agnes

Agnes was voiced by Elsie Fisher for the all of her appearances except for Despicable Me 3.

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