Edith (Despicable Me) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Edith Costume

Edith Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink-Striped Sweater Edith keeps herself warm with a pink-striped sweater.
2 Maroon Skirt To add a little contrast and femininity to her outfit, Edith wears a maroon straight-cut skirt.
3 Maroon Tights Since Edith loves moving around, Edith pairs her skirt with maroon tights so she can safely run all over the place.
4 White Boots Edith loves her sturdy pair of white boots, perfect for doing dangerous stuff in.
5 Pink Beanie The most iconic of Edith’s outfit is her adorable yet skatergirl-ish beanie.

Edith is the middle child of the three sisters that Felonious Gru adopted. She is the most like Gru and is very tomboyish despite being decked out in pink. She loves martial arts, weapons, and anything destructive.

She is very athletic and agile but at the same time, she loves ballet. Being the middle child is kind of hard, and Edith has the least role out of the sisters. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t kick ass!

Like mentioned, Edith is bedecked in pink. She wears a striped pink sweater, a maroon skirt, maroon tights, white boots, and a pink beanie with pompoms. Here is everything you need to look like Edith.

About Edith

Edith is voiced by Dana Graier for all three Despicable Me movies, and all of Edith’s appearances.

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