Gohan The Great Saiyaman's (Dragon Ball) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Gohan The Great Saiyaman’s Costume from Dragon Ball

Thinking of dressing like a superhero? Keep it unique by dressing like Gohan’s alter ego.

Gohan Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green muscle shirt Recreate Gohan’s green Gi with a large green muscle tee. Opt for a size larger.
2 Black long sleeves Wear a long sleeve shirt under the green shirt
3 Black leggings Pair top with black leggings
4 Black bodysuit You may also wear a black bodysuit as an option for the shirt and leggings combo.
5 Red cape Top the costume with a red cape.
6 Black Belt Wear a black belt.
7 Gold foil Use gold foil as button for the cape, belt, and toe cap.
8 White Bandana Wrap a white bandana around the head.
9 Black shades Complete the undercover look with a black pair of shades.
10 White Gloves Cop a pair of white gloves
11 White Boots To complete the costume, wear white boots decorated with gold foil on the tips.
12 Helmet Helmet to complete the look

When Gohan assumed the persona of Saiyaman, a disguise character, he wore a green Gi (traditional garb) over black overalls. As a superhero, he also wears a red cape and a black belt with a golden center. In some scenes, he wears a red and black helmet, but his costume can also be copped with a white bandana and dark shades. Finally, Gohan as the Saiyaman wears white gloves and boots with yellow toe cap.

About Gohan

Son Gohan is a character from manga and anime franchise “Dragon Ball”. He is the son of Saiyan Son Goku and his wife Chichi. He is the older brother of Goten. His mother was strict with him with his studies so at some point he was enrolled at the same school as his future wife Videl. As threats on Earth grew, Chichi reluctantly allowed him to practice martial arts and fight.

The extend of Gohan’s powers hit a peak when he was able to defeat then antagonist Cell. As a superhero, Gohan usually helps to fight crimes in his neighborhood but grew wary of his family’s privacy when people at school started talking about the Golden Fighter (who is just Gohan in his blonde-haired Super Saiyan mode). He was tailored a costume by Bulma and has since assumed the disguise as Saiyaman.